Excellent progress is being made in the transformation of the coal mining industry on several fronts, including:


Skills Development


Employment Equity

Community Enterprise Development

Corporate Social Investment

RBCT is well on its way to meeting the Mining Charter empowerment ownership criterion of 26% black ownership, set by the Department of Mineral Resources.

In 2004 RBCT started the Quattro process, making an initial capacity of 1 million tons per annum to Junior Miners. This capacity escalated to 4 million tons per annum.

To date, 19 million tons per annum has been allocated to meet the needs of black economic empowered mining entities. These include emerging junior miners who are part of the empowerment processes driven by government, together with RBCT’s own B-BBEE shareholding processes.

More than 20% of the South African coal sector is now owned and controlled by B-BBEE parties, with more than 20 B-BBEE deals having been concluded to date, at a value of approximately R19 billion.

A Phase 6 Expansion is also on the cards with potential to increase capacity to 110 MTPA through the main coal line, in partnership with government and Transnet. This would enable more capacity to be allocated to emerging miners, in line with RBCT’s commitment to empowerment.