Working at RBCT

Working at Richards Bay Coal Terminal isn’t just a job – it is a career with bright prospects and a promising future. It’s an opportunity to partner with a highly skilled and experienced team who share knowledge and support one another, but most of all, it’s a chance to be part of one of South Africa’s most dynamic industries that builds our economy and grows our communities.

Every employee at RBCT is tasked with upholding our core values:

  • We will not engage in any unsafe activity
  • We treat each other with respect and dignity
  • We care for the wellbeing of employees
  • We work to the best of our ability
  • We are innovative and pro-active
  • We care for the environment

As an RBCT employee one enjoys access to:

  • a culturally diverse work environment
  • equal opportunities for all our employees 
  • innovation and accountability through the Mission Directed Work Teams process implemented across all departments 
  • a comprehensive Wellness and Disease Management service to maintain optimum health at work
  • our Accelerated Development Programme (ADP) which focuses on the training and development of employees in line with agreed employment equity targets.
  • key skills retention programmes including Adult Basic Literacy, Artisan Apprentice training, Management and Supervisory Development  programmes amongst others.


RBCT’s bursary scheme focuses on the following key fields of study:

  • Electrical and Mechanical engineering (BSc).
  • B Sc. Electrical Engineering
  • ND Mechanical Engineering
  • ND Electrical Engineering
  • B Sc. Computer Science/I.T.


RBCT offers traineeships to meet the future skills requirements of key positions at RBCT. Trainees include:

  • Apprentices
  • Learnerships (registered with a Sector Education Training Authority (SETA);
  • Learnerships (unregistered).