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                    mining intelligence RANKED Countries where publicly traded miners operate two
                    The United States has twice as many operating mines owned by publicly-traded companies than any other country, according to data from Mining Intelligence. As of this month there are 845 operating mines in the U.S., giving it 20% of the world's total. Russia is second with 408. Canada ranked eighth with just [...]
                    Wed, Jun 20, 2018, Continue reading at the source
                    US-China trade spat wipes $57B from top mining stocks in fortnight
                    Mining and metals stocks came in for more punishment on Tuesday as the trade spat between the US and China escalated amid a war of words between Washington and Beijing. On Tuesday, Donald Trump threatened to impose a 10% tariff on $200 billion of Chinese goods in retaliation for what the [...]
                    Wed, Jun 20, 2018, Continue reading at the source


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