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Where is RBCT situated?
Who are RBCT’s Shareholders?
Where does RBCT receive its coal from?
What is RBCT’s stockpile capacity?
What equipment does RBCT use to handle the coal?
How many Shiploaders does RBCT have?
What is the Phase V Expansion?
What did the Phase V Expansion entail?
What is RBCT doing to facilitate BEE mining firms at the Terminal?
What are RBCT's future plans for capacity expansion?
Who are the largest buyers of coal from RBCT?
How is the coal price determined?
What are the qualities of coal exported from RBCT?
How does your operation affect the environment and do you have any environmental initiatives?
What is your core business?
Briefly describe your operations.
Who regulates your operations?
Why is coal important to South Africa and other countries?
How many staff do you employ?
What is RBCT’s BBBEE status?
How many trains does RBCT receive in a year?
How many vessels call on RBCT in an average year?