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Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT) is the single largest export coal terminal in the world. Opened in 1976 with an original capacity of 12 million tons per annum, it has grown into
an advanced 24-hour operation with a design capacity of 91 million tons per annum. 

Positioned at one of the world’s deep sea ports, RBCT is able to handle large ships and subsequent large volumes. As such, it has gained a reputation for operating efficiently and
reliably. The 276 hectare site currently boasts a quay 2, 2 kilometres long with six berths and four ship loaders, with stockyard capacity of 8,2 million tons. RBCT shares a strong cooperative
relationship with South Africa’s national utility, Transnet, which provides the railway services linking the coal mines to the port, and the shipping coordination of more than
700 ships per annum.