Working in Harmony with the Environment

RBCT has had its Environmental Management System certified to ISO 14001 standards since February 2002. We are pleased to have maintained its certification thus far during annual external independent audits by SABS.

RBCT obtained its waste management licence during 2013. The attainment of a Water Use Licence is still the key outstanding environmental priority.

We have control measures and continuous monitoring in place to ensure environmental stewardship and to effectively manage natural resources during our coal operations. These focus on:

  • Resource and energy use
  • Water usage and management
  • Dust management
  • Waste Management

The following are some of the initiatives designed to minimise any direct negative impact on the surrounding areas in the daily operations of the terminal:

  • Several dust abatement mechanisms are in operation, including numerous computer-controlled water sprays. Information supplied by the SA Weather Bureau  assists RBCT in using this system effectively, alerting the control tower prior to any high velocity winds reaching the area. Air pollution and dust from heavy winds  is addressed through rain guns and stringent road cleaning.
  • Over 5000 trees and shrubs have been planted on site to reduce the effect of wind and improve aesthetics.
  • Road sweepers and a water tanker run on a constant cycle to keep roads free of dust.
  • Water pollution through contaminated surface water from rain, is reduced through a comprehensive drainage system of 20 settling ponds. These are positioned at  strategic points to collect run-off water, allowing suspended coal particles to settle, thus preventing them from entering the harbour. Boreholes are spaced  throughout the terminal to monitor the quality of ground water. This water is diverted to offsite storage dams known as ESUP DAMS and discharged on fire hydrants  and copper threaded taps.
  • RBCT recycles paper, used oil, electrical waste, steel, rubber and wood.