Promoting Occupational and Holistic Health

RBCT monitors the health and wellbeing of its employees and contractors through an ongoing Wellness and Disease Management programme, thereby ensuring a 
healthy and productive workforce.

We care for employee wellbeing through an integrated and holistic model for occupational health. RBCT employees have access to superior primary health care services from a fully equipped on-site clinic. This is manned by occupational health nurses and is visited regularly by a consulting doctor. There is also an onsite Biokinetist. The company has a holistic HIV/AIDS programme in place – encompassing prevention, education and management to ensure the wellness of all our employees who are infected or affected by the pandemic.

Partnerships with health organisations help us improve service delivery in this area and protect, maintain and promote good health among employees.

We also focus on non-occupationally induced health risks such as HIV and Pulmonary TB, that may negatively impact on the workplace. This is in line with the Wellness and Disease Management system standard, SANS 16001:2013.

RBCT’s wellness policies and procedures take into account vulnerability, susceptibility and health and disease determinants, as well as compliance with South Africa’s legislation.
Our Wellness and Disease Management programme focuses on planned interventions to protect the wellness of all employee and contractors against non-work related conditions.

In addition, annual Health Risk Assessments address all non-occupationally induced health risks that may impact negatively on employee health.