Training Videos



WordPress Training Videos



Video 1 (above) Content:

1) The WordPress Interface

Login to the Dashboard

Opening a New Tab for the Frontend

Exploring Screen Options

Toggling the Windows (expand, collapse)

Collapsing of the Left Side Menu

2) Change Settings

Turning Comments Off

Changing the Timezone, Changing the Date and Time Format, Changing Permalinks

3) Creating Pages

Adding Pages, Uploading Images, Inserting Images, Publishing Content

4) Adding (HTML) Links

Inserting a Link to Download a File; Inserting an External Link to a Website; Inserting a Link to an Internal Page;

Editing or Deleting a Link

5) Creating a Menu

Adding Menu Items; Re-Arranging Menu Items




Video 2 (above) Content:

6) Widgets & Appearance

Adding/Embedding Video clips; Overview of widgets used in the site; Editing Widgets used: FAQ

7) Changing images in the Slider

Changing images in the Slider

Adding the Slider Short Code to a Page

8) Adding Users


GIMP Image editing video


Gimp video (above) Content:

1) Getting Started

Installing GIMP

The Gimp Interface

Creating & Saving Documents

2) Working with Layers

What are Layers

Creating layers

3) Manipulating Images

Rotating Images

Cropping Images

Adjusting image size

4) Working with Text

Adding text to images

Text options

5) Saving Images

Saving your work in GIMP

Exporting images for web use