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About RBCT

Richards Bay Coal Terminal (Proprietary) Limited (“RBCT”) is one of the leading coal export terminals in the world. RBCT was established in 1976 with an original capacity of 12 million tons per annum, (“Mt/a”) and has expanded it has grown into an advanced 24-hour operation with a design capacity of 91 Mt/a. The Terminal provides South Africa’s Coal Exporting Parties (CEPs) with a world class logistics service that facilitates the export of coal.

RBCT is positioned at one of the world’s deep sea ports and handles large volumes of coal and vessels. The 276 hectare site currently boasts a quay that is 2.2 kilometres long, 6 Berths and 4 Shiploaders, with a stockyard capacity of 8.2 Mt.

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    65 Collieries


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RBCT shares a strong co-operative relationship with South Africa’s national utility, Transnet, which provides the railway services linking the coal mines to the port and the shipping coordination of more than 900 vessels per annum.

All RBCT’s operational and administrative functions are conducted in Richards Bay.

Export Destination per Continent

86 %
4 %
5 %
Middle East
4 %


  • 1971

    Richards Bay was identified as the ideal port location following feasibility studies, due to its natural lagoon and proximity to coal mines and related infrastructure. 

  • 1972

    Transvaal Coal Owners Association ("TCOA")  was awarded the contract with the Japanese steel mills for 27Mt of coal over a period of 10 years.

  • 1976

    The Port of Richards Bay officially opened on 1 April 1976.

    Richards Bay Coal Terminal begins exports with Phase 1 at a capacity of 12Mt/a.


    • TCOA had an agreement to supply 27Mt of coal over a period of 10 years to the Japanese steel industry

    • On reclaimed land, the Port had a depth of 1.5 to 2m and subsequent to the dredging of channel, the depth increased to 22m.

    • Size of RBCT; 276ha.

    • Ships allowed to load to 17.5m.

    • On the yard: Tandem Tippler 1, Stacker Reclaimers 1 and 2, Berm wall, random tippler (1 truck only) and Ingo 1 Sampling Tower.

  • 1977

    • Capacity 12Mt/a.

    • Trains arrived in set batches of 78 trucks.

    • 2 Shiploaders ("SL1" and "SL2").

    • 2 Tandem Tipplers ("TT1" and "TT2").

    • Foundations laid for Phase 2 machines ("SR3" and "SR4").

    • Can handle Capesizes (Beam of Capesize tolerance 47.5m) LOA unlimited.

    • Rail loop infrastructure circles Ph 1 and 2.

  • 1981

    RBCT capacity increases from 12Mt/a to 24Mt/a.


    • Ground work for Phase 3 commenced.

    • Phases 1 and 2 runs East to West.

    • Phases 3 and 4 to run North to South.

    • Construction of New Mouth and tidal gate as well as redirection of river.

    • Stacker 5 commissioned ("ST5").

    • Yard Machines SR1 and SR2, ST5 as well as SR3 and SR4.

    • 2 Tandem Tipplers (TT1 and TT2) and 1 Random Tippler.

    • 2 Shiploaders (SL1 and SL2).

    • Groundwork for new rail loop commenced.

    • 200mm layer of coal utilized as carpet coal (spillage coal).

  • 1984

    Phase 3 Expansion completed: RBCT further expands exporting capacity to 44Mt/a.


    • Part of Phase 3 commissioned.

    • Rail loop changed from encircling Phases 1 and 2 to current layout.

    • Rail loop changed from encircling Phases 1 and 2 to current layout.

    • 5 Yard Machines on Phases 1 and 2, 4 Yard Machines on Phase 3.

    • 3 Shiploaders, addition of Shiploader 3 ("SL3").

    • 4 Tandem Tipplers.

  • 1991

    Phase 3 Upgrade: export capacity increased to 53Mt/a.


    • Q-line partially commissioned.

    • Reclaimer 11 commissioned.

    • 9 Yard Machines.

    • 3 Shiploaders.

    • 4 Tandem Tipplers.

  • 1995

    Capacity enhancements exercise increase exporting capacity to 63Mt/a.

  • 1999

    Brownfields expansion increases exporting capacity to 72Mt/a.


    • Shiploader 4 ("SL4") commissioned.

    • Q-line fully commissioned.

    • 9 Yard Machines.

    • 4 Tandem Tipplers.

    • 4 Shiploaders.

    • Stockyard capacity – 6.7Mt (ideal level – 4.5Mt).

  • 2000

    RBCT exports 1 billionth tons of coal – November 2000.

  • 2006

    Phase 5 Expansion commences in September 2006, taking terminal capacity to 91Mt/a.

  • 2008

    As of 1 January 2008, official design capacity of the Terminal increases to 76Mt/a.

  • 2010

    Phase 5 Upgrade

    Design capacity of the Terminal increases to 91 Mt/a as of 1 May 2010.


    • Stacker Reclaimer 6 ("SR6") commissioned.

    • Tandem Tippler 3 ("TT3") commissioned.

    • 10 Yard Machines.

    • 5 Tandem Tipplers.

    • 4 Shiploaders.

    • Conveyor 460 ("C460") – bypass conveyor.

    • Esup Dam.

    • Extra rail loop.

    • J line extended by 300m together with I line.

    • Stockyard capacity – 7.8Mt (ideal level – 5.2Mt), grades/no of stockpiles.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Moving coal passionately through a world class Port Terminal.

Our Mission

Moving coal in a safe, cost effective and efficient manner safeguarding the environment and stakeholders.

Our Core Values

We will not engage in any unsafe activity.

We treat each other with respect and dignity.

We care for the well being of employees.

We work to the best of our ability.

We are innovative and pro-active.

We care for the environment .  

Our Slogan 

“Coal to the world, growth to the nation”.

RBCT Board of Directors

Executive Directors

AJ Waller (CEO)

TC Mbuyazi (GM Finance)


N Damasane (Ms)

Non-Executive Directors

ND Baloyi

V Bayoglu

BD Dalton

JM Damons

MJ Houston

TL Myburgh

IA Swanepoel

MS Teke

Independent Non-Executive Directors

NG Langa (Ms)

Alternate Directors

RSE Alberts

DR Gain

AH Gillespie

NSH Hassan

KR Knoop

JHJ Schoeman

MJ Shaw

MR Walker

Coal Exporting Parties

Seriti Power (Pty) Ltd
Thungela Operations (Pty) Ltd
Sasol Mining (Pty) Ltd
ARM Coal (Pty) Ltd
Kangra Coal (Pty) Ltd
Mbokodo (Commercial User)
Exxaro Coal Central (Pty) Ltd
Glencore Operations SA (Pty) Ltd
Optimum Coal Terminal (Pty) Ltd
South Dunes Coal Terminal Company SOC Ltd
Junior Miners (Quattro)
Black Royalty Minerals (Pty) Ltd
Tumelo Coal Mines (Pty) Ltd
South African Coal Mine Holdings Ltd
Umcebo Mining (Pty) Ltd


General Management

General Management

Alan Waller

Chief Executive Officer

General Management

Nontuthuko Mgabhi

GM Human Resources

General Management

Kubendren Naidoo

GM Asset Management

General Management
General Management

Zanele Mthiyane

GM Health, Safety, Environment and Compliance

General Management

Ziphe Nonqane

GM Operations

General Management

Casper Mbuyazi

GM Finance

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