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Employment Equity

Recognising the important role it plays in the development of the region and its people, RBCT subscribes to the principles of equal opportunities for all our employees. We view employment equity as more than a process aimed at addressing the wrongs of the past however, as a key business process integrated into the strategies and disciplines of the organisation. To this end, RBCT has implemented an Employment Equity Policy and Procedure that promote equity and diversity in the workplace.


RBCT is offering bursaries to suitable candidates who intend to study full-time or are already studying full-time towards the following qualifications at recognized tertiary institutions.

  • B Sc. /BEng Electrical Engineering 
  • B Sc. /BEng Mechanical Engineering
  • B Sc. Computer Science/I.T.
  • BEng. Tech. /ND Electrical Engineering 
  • BEng. Tech. /ND Mechanical Engineering 
  • BCom. Accounting
  • Bcom. Human Resources Management
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RBCT offers traineeships to meet the future skills requirements of key positions at RBCT. Trainees include:

  • Apprentices;
  • Learnerships (registered with a Sector Education Training Authority (SETA); and
  • Learnerships (unregistered).


To work at RBCT means to have a career with bright prospects and a promising future. It is an opportunity to partner with a highly skilled and experienced Team who shares knowledge as well as support one another, however, most of all, it is a chance to be part of one of South Africa’s most dynamic industries that builds the economy and grows our communities.

As an RBCT employees enjoys access to:

  • A culturally diverse work environment;
  • Equal opportunities for all employees;
  • Innovation and accountability through the Mission Directed Work Teams process implemented across all departments;
  • A comprehensive Wellness and Disease Management service to maintain optimum health at work;
  • An Accelerated Development Programme (“ADP”), which focuses on the training and development of employees in line with agreed employment equity targets; and
  • Key skills retention programmes including Adult Basic Literacy, Artisan Apprentice Training as well as Management and Supervisory Development programmes, amongst others.

Skills Development

RBCT’s ADP focuses on the training and development of employees from the designated groups in line with agreed employment equity targets.

The following milestones have been achieved:

  • Learning opportunities offered and employees in externally facilitated programs such as the Employee Development Program (“EDP”), CORE (Basic Supervisory Skills), BMS (Basic Management Skills), FMP (Fundamental Management Programme) and MDP (Management Development Programme).
  • Through the creation of extra-numeracy specialist positions, employees from target groups have been provided with focused development opportunities through high-level work assignments and many have subsequently been appointed in management positions.
  • Trainee, Apprenticeship and Bursary Programmes have also been structured to ensure a steady flow of AE candidates into the various feeder positions within the organisation. This has been very successful and has been the most effective means of changing the demographics at the skilled junior/management levels of the organisation.

Community Development

RBCT’s slogan; “coal to the world, growth to the nation” fits in well with our sustainable community development initiatives. RBCT participates in a number of social and economic development initiatives aligned with the company’s overall growth strategy.

These programmes aim to promote the development and self-sufficiency of local communities within the uMhlathuze Municipality, in order to contribute to the creation of an environment in which the RBCT business can be conducted, with the focus on sustainability. RBCT’s Sustainable Community Development (“SCD”) strategy plays a constructive role in enhancing the quality of life in the communities within which it operates. RBCT’s employees play a significant role through the SCD Committee, which consists of volunteers from all levels within the company as well as the employee union representatives.

RBCT’s focus is within the following areas:

  • Education;
  • Early Childhood Development;
  • Skills Development;
  • Community Welfare (including Poverty Alleviation and Crime Fighting);
  • Environmental Stewardship;
  • Sports Development; and
  • Wellness Programmes.

For more information regarding RBCT’s Community Projects, contact the Corporate Affairs Department.

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